Archduchess is a character in the second season of Mad Haus. She is played by Chris Bradley.


Archduchess was first seen at the funeral of her cousin, Duchess. Archduchess introduced herself as Duchess' prettier and more talented identical cousin. (The difference is that Archduchess has red hair; we have not yet been told who dyed it). She brought dollar store flowers with the tags still on (so she could return them) and sang Duchess' infamous pussy song as well as a song about Duchess' love of nips.

Archduchess was later seen running the Love Shack, where she was in a sorta-relationship with Mickey, her photographer.

What is she?

Archduchess appears to have time-travel powers and is probably a witch, though she has not yet demonstrated magical powers otherwise.


Archduchess appears to have befriended Ma'Mah after her cousin's death. Or they may be lovers. Not clear yet. She was sleeping with her photographer Mickey in the 1980s.

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