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Duchess was a major character in the first season of Mad Haus, played by Chris Bradley. She appeared in every installment of the first season, and Season 2 Episode 1 Witchcon 2 featured her death as an important part of the plot.


Duchess was originally a snake-oil salesman peddling Riboflavin-flavored Non-carbonated Polyunsaturated Blood. When this proved to be lethal to those who consumed it, he ran from the law, ultimately disguising himself as woman and then embracing her new identity wholeheartedly (Halloween Mad Haus).

Duchess later wound up in a relationship with Ma'Mah, first running a B&B at Penny Lane, then later a department store and global business empire. (Magical Mystery Tour)

Over her long, magically assisted life, Duchess became one of the most powerful witches to ever live. She reigned as the Top Witch for over 1,000 years. She was eventually caught cheating by Dolly and was burned at the stake. Her death was mourned by all, especially Ma'Mah and the Archduchess, her identical yet prettier and more talented twin cousin.

Duchess was also infamous for the Pussy Song, where she sang about her pet cat who also happens to get into misadventures that sound like double entendres. Archduchess sang the Pussy Song for Duchess' funeral.


Duchess was a wheeler and a dealer. She rarely intentionally caused harm, but she also doesn't tend to think through things like ethical concerns. She can be thought of as chaotic neutral.

She was also a raging alcoholic who loves nips and wouldn't say no to a pot scone or seven.


Duchess and Ma'Mah were lovers. She also befriended Lady Bonesy in convincing her to break out as a solo artist. Archduchess is her identical cousin.

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