The fifth installment was performed in July 2017.


We're still in the Audience's past of sorts as Clara, Bonesy, and the tribe continue their journeys. We learn more of their history.

We are told a story even further in the past to the music of Fleetwood Mac's The Chain. A young woman and man are together, and appear to be in love; she becomes pregnant with his child, and they are engaged. But the man also loves another; a young man. While the two men are in the throes of passion, the woman walks in on them, and in her horror and hurt she shoots her fiance. Lady Bonesy arrives to sip the man's soul, but the other man stops her and bargains for his soul-- his love may live, but he will be forever a Bonesy. He then transforms into the Bonesy that we know, and is forced to watch as his love wakes up, reconciles with his fiance, and grows old with her-- before finally, in the man's last moments, Bonesy must take his soul too.

Finally, at the end of the show, Clara transforms into Estelle-- and in this we see that this is Estelle's story of how she and the Storyteller met Bonesy and began their adventures.


  • Bonesy (Jason Faria)
  • Clara/Estelle (Alyssa Dumas)
  • The Storyteller (Ben Hart)
  • Bonesy's Lover (Christian Arnold)
  • Lady Bonesy (Amanda Dane)
  • The Other Woman (Andrea Lyons)


The set was reused from the main stage show Camelot, and featured a castle.

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