GirlBear is the intrepid reporter, announcer, and often host of many of the Mad Haus episodes, puppeted and voiced by Erica Skoglund. She has appeared in all the "modern" Mad Haus installments (she was absent for the Electric Mystic Travelcade and Electric Mystic Travelcade Continuum, and appeared only in video in the Halloween performance). GirlBear also appeared in the Season 2 Witchcon 2 episode.


We don't know much of GirlBear's story yet. She hosted a talk show in the early installments, but seems to have made the switch to Girl Reporter of late.


GirlBear is the female friend you had in college who always got you into the weirdest situations. Her mind is always in the gutter, and she loves sex, drugs, and rock and roll. She's always where the action is.

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