The Season Finale of Mad Haus's first year was performed in November of 2017, right after Thanksgiving.


The Storyteller, Estelle, Lady Bonesy, and Bonesy have become internationally famous pop stars and beloved by millions, including the Death Seekers, who want to have the Bonesies take their souls. They arrive at a department store run by Ma'Mah and Duchess, where they intend to give a performance if they can keep the Death Seekers away.

Ma'Mah and Duchess tempt Lady Bonesy with the promise of success as a solo artist, claiming she’s underappreciated with the group, relegated to the background. Meanwhile Estelle convinces Teller to become a politician, arguing he could be President of the World by killing his rivals. Teller is resistant since Bonesy taught him he can’t kill, only pull souls, but Estelle convinces him. Bonesy, meanwhile, struggles with the Death Seekers, as a young woman sneaks in and steals his pipe to suck her own soul, and a young man kills himself to force Bonesy to pull his soul (Teller does it instead, much to the young man’s distress).

The seeds of discord thus sowed… they are dropped completely as it’s learned that the Boogeyman has kidnapped Santa Claus and the gang needs to go save Christmas. They arrive at the North Pole, where the Cheer-o-Meter is dangerously low, and sing some Christmas carols to increase the cheer. Soon, though, Estelle figures out that Santa is trapped in a video game, like when Bonesy chased her through one back in the Electric Mystic Travelcade Continuum, and rescues him through fighting her way past video game monsters. 


  • Bonesy (Jason Faria)
  • Estelle (Alyssa Dumas)
  • Storyteller (Ben Hart)
  • Lady Bonesy (Amanda Dane)
  • Ma'Mah (JS McLaughlin)
  • Duchess (Chris Bradley)
  • Girl Bear (Erica Skoglund)
  • Female Death-Seeker (Michelle Faria)
  • Male Death-seeker (Sam St. Jean)
  • The Boogeyman (Alden Caple)
  • Ryder Knightley (Amanda Dane)
  • Elves (Bri LeBuff, Nick LaPenn)
  • Wind-Up Doll (Andrea Lyons)
  • Santa (Miles O'Brien)


The set was reused from the Winter Wonderettes main stage show, and was a department store setting.

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