Ma'Mah is a major character in the first and second seasons of Mad Haus, played by JS McLaughlin. Her first appearance was in Electric Mystic Travelcade.


Ma'Mah is a figure of mystery. Little is known about her except that she was the lover of the now deceased Duchess, and together they owned a little B&B on Penny Lane (Magical Mystery Mad Haus). Ma'Mah hosted a radio show during the Halloween Mad Haus and continued it until Holiday Mad Haus, while having expanded the B&B to a department store and global business empire. Ma'Mah mourned Duchess' death at Witch-Con 2.


Don't fuck with Ma'Mah. She owns the room, she owns you, you are peons. She is a hard-drinking, hard-working goddess and you are blessed by her presence.


Ma'Mah was the lifelong partner of Duchess.

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