The sixth installment was performed in September of 2017. All the songs performed were from the Beatles.


It’s the 60s, sort of? On Penny Lane, Ma'Mah and Duchess run a little B&B. A famous pop star comes to visit, followed closely by Girl Bear looking for an exclusive interview. Duchess and Ma'Mah offer some pot brownies to the pop star and get him stoned off his gourd. Meanwhile, the other visitor at the B&B is none other than our old friend Estelle, now in the guise of a fortune-telling guru with mystical powers (borne no doubt from her time-travelling). Along for the ride is Storyteller, acting as her personal attendant/translator/money collector, as the scheme is mostly to rake in tithes from her worshipful followers.

Of course, Estelle can’t get away with this forever, and she gets caught in a mirror dimension, trading places with her alternate self, and the Storyteller has to help her escape. Now with two Estelles around and the timeline pretty thoroughly screwed, the tribe find a genie and ask how to sort it all out. The answer is to find the Glass Onion, which they use to merge and repair all the timelines.

The Pop Star wakes up, and it's really hard to tell how much of this was a trip.


  • Estelle/The Guru (Alyssa Dumas)
  • Other Estelle (Andrea Lyons)
  • Storyteller (Ben Hart)
  • Bonesy (Jason Faria)
  • Ma'Mah (JS McLaughlin)
  • Duchess (Chris Bradley)
  • The Pop Star (John Furey)
  • Girl Bear (Erica Skoglund)
  • The Genie (Sam St. Jean)
  • Worshippers (Amanda Dane, Andrea Lyons, Michelle Faria)


The set was reused from the Rep's performance of Jane Eyre, featuring a dark, gothic look and a smoke machine that was used enthusiastically.

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