SEASON 1 (2017)

Title Perform Date Summary
Mad Haus: A Performance Portmanteau January 7, 2017 As the world ends, Bonesy, Estelle, and the Storyteller escape to go back in time.
Witch-Con 2017 February 14, 2017 The Trio arrive at the Witch-Con Games. An outbreak of the Weirdness infects all attendees, and everyone dies, condemning them to Hell.
Mad Pop (YES!) May 26, 2017 The Trio are stuck in Hell. Estelle tricks God into destroying the Multiverse to escape, but pisses off some powerful angels in the process.
Electric Mystic Travelcade June 25, 2017 The timeline is reset. Back in time, a nomadic girl, Clara, travels with Bonesy and a tribe of fellow nomadic thieves.
Electric Mystic Travelcade Continuum July 23, 2017 Bonesy's origin is revealed, and Clara transforms into Estelle.
Magical Mystery Mad Haus September 27, 2017 Estelle and the Storyteller arrive and a 1960s B&B, Estelle in the guise of a Guru using her knowledge of the future from time-travelling to get rich. Estelle gets caught in a mirror dimension and has to break reality again to escape. To fix everything, they find a Genie who resets time and repairs the timeline.
Halloween Mad Haus October 31, 2017 We learn the backstory of Duchess. The Storyteller is murdered and is turned into a Bonesy.
Holiday Mad Haus Spectacular November 25, 2017 Bonesy, Teller, Estelle and Lady Bonesy are internationally famous pop stars. Estelle convinces Teller to run for President, taking advantage of his Bonesy powers to kill rivals. At the end of time, Teller and Estelle beg Bonesy to take their souls-- and he does so, leaving himself all alone.

SEASON 2 (2018)

Title Show Date Summary
Witch-Con 2: Mardi Gras February 21, 2018 In Ancient Atlantis, the Witch-Con Games are on again. Duchess is a big cheater and gets burned at the stake. Bonesy arrives to sip her soul-- now all alone and very lonely. Estelle, now an angel, arrives to help him move on-- but instead they get a Wizard to give her her body back in exchange for Lady Bonesy's soul.
New York, New York Part 1 March 28, 2018 We learn WTF Teller is. Bonesy and Estelle travel back in time to get a previous Storyteller since theirs is dead and Estelle fucked him over in the afterlife. Estelle manages to break time, AGAIN, by fighting with her past self. Shadows begin to take over the timeline, and the Dark Angel Teller kidnaps Past Teller to save him. Bonesy and Estelle follow them, and convince Past Teller to help.
New York, New York Part 2 April 18, 2018 Bonesy, Estelle, and Past Teller travel forward in time, first to the 70s and then the 80s, being chased by the Shadow Queen. Estelle is taken over by Shadows and brought to the Shadow Realm. Teller and Bonesy meet DJ Une Spiep at her concert in the 2090s, but the Shadow Queen defeats Teller. Bonesy and DJ Une Spiep use a secret weapon to defeat the Shadow Queen. The Fairy Queen contacts Bonesy and offers him wishes in exchange for him helping her husband, the Fairy King, and he accepts in order to get Teller and Estelle back.
Mad Haus: A Tribute To "The King" May 23, 2018 Bonesy and DJ Une Spiep travel to the Fairy Kingdom, where the corrupt King requires all subjects to only sing "in the style of the King" (aka Elvis). They embark on a journey to rescue the King's daughter from an ogre, but after the ogre defeats them, they find that the princess has been hiding out with Resistance fighters. The Resistance sings the styles of the Kings of OTHER genres, such as Michael Jackson (King of Pop), PSY (King of YouTube), or Kenny Loggins (King of Movie Soundtracks). The princess agrees to return home and defend her people, but when they sing the wrong Kings for the King, the Fairy King kills his daughter, imprisons the Resistance and Bonesy, and turns DJ Une Spiep into a tiny dragon. Just as all is lost, Estelle escapes from the Shadow Kingdom and eats the Fairy King, freeing Bonesy.
Mad Haus: All Puppet Edition September 26, 2018 Teller has been recovered, but is still fragile, so the trio are stuck in one time. A bored Estelle calls up her friend, High Guy, who brings them Rock Lobster, a potent strain that throws them into a new dimension-- one inhabited by humans and puppets, and in which Teller and Estelle are both puppets! They encounter new puppet friends, and Estelle discovers she is successful and happy in this universe, with none of the baggage of her old life. Meanwhile, Teller and Bonesy are desperate to return home, and discover a way-- but Estelle is furious and heartbroken that they would try to force her to leave. She leaves them, and they hijack a cosmic jellyfish to leave without her. After whipping through time and space-- and Teller meeting an ancient puppet Bonesy at the end of time-- they suddenly awaken back in their own time with Estelle. It's revealed that this was all a Rock Lobster induced hallucination.
Mad Haus: Hallows Hollow October 31, 2018 It's Halloween, and Bonesy mopes in a graveyard. His dead lover David has not visited him this year, and he doesn't know why. Estelle finds him and coaxes him to his birthday party, where all his friends have shown up to celebrate. After an excellent party, Estelle reveals her gift: A seance with Medium Mary to find David and ask him what's going on. They visit the medium, and she agrees to help them, taking them into the spirit realm. They face many terrifying ghosts, before finding David-- but he was in the middle of reincarnating, and the interference means his soul was broken. He sends one last love letter to Bonesy before slipping away forever. Estelle tries to cheer up a broken-hearted Bonesy, and mostly succeeds before they are interrupted by Blackstar, an alien. He hypnotizes Estelle into falling in love with him, then rapes her and impregnates her. She undergoes a terrifying birth with creepy masked figures, before being presented with a horrifying alien baby.
Mad Haus: Holiday Time! December 12, 2018 Buy Tickets Now: THEME: No clue. Wear some tinsel, bam, you're a tree. Make sure it covers your naughty bits.

SEASON 3 (2019)

Title Show Date Summary
Witchcon Thrice! February 27, 2019 Buy Tickets Now: THEME: The annual Witch-con Games!
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