The Fairy Queen is a second-season Mad Haus character played by Andrea Lyons. She had a brief appearance in New York, New York Part 2 and then was a major character in A Tribute to the King.


The Fairy Queen first appeared after the Shadow Queen was defeated, to ask Bonesy and DJ Une Spiep to help her with a mission for her husband, the Fairy King. She promised 3 wishes in exchange.

The Fairy Queen took Bonesy and DJ Une Spiep to her husband, the cruel King Quinn Kingcreole. He explained that their daughter, Princess Cassie Kingcreole, had been kidnapped. He then left the Queen to explain the details of the mission while he went to an orgy, a fact that disturbed the Queen greatly.

The Queen explained the mission and handed them off to her General. She was next seen after Bonesy, DJ Une Spiep and Cassie defied the King to sing non-Elvis songs for him. She tried to defend her subjects and her daughter, and the King lashed out at her as well. When the King murdered her daughter, she was left shattered, lamenting Cassie's death.

What Is She

The Queen is a fairy "of the finest lineage." Her daughter is the most beautiful fairy known, and she herself was likely the same before her daughter reached maturity.

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