Witch-Con: Mardi Gras was the season premiere of the second season of Mad Haus.


The story begins far in the past, in Atlantis, where the Wizard is hosting the somethingth annual Witch-Con Games. Duchess is the reigning champion, challenged by the Irish Sisters and Dolly. Also there is Ephalba, descendant of the Wicked Witch of the West. E doesn't have any magical powers and is very distressed by this, as he feels he has brought shame onto his family. He asks DJ Une Spiep for advice, and she recommends he ask the Wizard to grant a wish. She warns him to have on hand a Ziggazigah potion, so he buys one from the Spice Girls. The Wizard accepts the Ziggazigah, but states that it's not enough to trade for magical powers. He asks E to trade his boy essence, and E agrees. E is transformed into a magical girl (Sailor Pluto) and gains the magical powers he wants.

The battle for Top Witch begin, and Duchess quickly emerges victorious again. However, Dolly soon reveals that Duchess cheated. As punishment, Duchess is burned at the stake, and her soul is sipped by Bonesy. After her death, the witches all mourn with Ma'Mah. Archduchess appears, introducing herself as Duchess' identical but prettier and more talented cousin.

After the funeral, Bonesy is left alone and despondent, still mourning Estelle and Teller's deaths. Estelle, as an angel, reaches out to him to tell him to let them go. He instead proposes they go back to the Wizard and ask to get her body back. She's thrilled at the idea, as being an angel is really boring. The Wizard states that he can, but he needs a soul to trade-- and not just any soul, but an immortal, bonesy soul. Bonesy quickly gets Lady Bonesy and offers her (against her will). The Wizard takes Lady Bonesy's soul and restores Estelle to life.


  • The Wizard: Ben Hart
  • Duchess: Chris Bradley
  • Girl Bear: Erica Skoglund
  • Dolly: Sam St. Jean
  • DJ Une Spiep: Alyssa Dumas
  • Ephalba: Jason Faria
  • The Spice Girls: Amanda Dane, Katie Juster, and Michelle Faria
  • Sister Moon: Michelle Faria
  • The Sisters: Maggie O'Neill and Andrea Lyons
  • Bonesy: Jason Faria
  • Ma'Mah: JS McLaughlin
  • Archduchess: Chris Bradley
  • Estelle: Alyssa Dumas
  • Lady Bonesy: Amanda Dane
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