The second Mad Haus show, originally performed in February of 2017-- on Valentine's Day.


Estelle, Bonesy and the Storyteller arrive via time machine at Witch-Con, a convention of the top witches and warlocks of the known and unknown universe. The con is held in a haunted hotel in an anomaly bubble outside of space and time. Witches attend this event to compete in the Games to be the Top Witch. Girl Bear is present and reporting in.

Unfortunately, during the event, there is an outbreak of The Weirdness, and the event is quarantined, trapping our time travelers there. After much backstabbing and a battle royale, the Weirdness eventually takes the lives of all there, sending them all to Hell, where they continue their story.


  • Bonesy (Jason Faria)
  • Estelle (Alyssa Dumas)
  • The Storyteller (Ben Hart)
  • Girl Bear (Erica Skoglund)
  • Duchess (Chris Bradley)
  • Lady Witch (Amanda Dane)
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